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Cataracts are the number one cause of poor vision among adults. Over two-thirds of the population over age 60 have a vision problem from cataracts, and over a million people undergo a cataract removal operation annually in the U.S.
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SLT Glaucoma Laser

SLT has been scientifically proven to provide the same eye pressure control as the #1 prescribed glaucoma eye drop medication. One year after SLT more than 87% of patients reduced their eye drop medication use by at least one eye drop medication per day.
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Contact Lens Options for Patients Over Forty

Innovative new products have been developed by the contact lens industry to address the needs of those patients over the age of 40. Advances in designs, materials and manufacturing have provided many exciting options for these “presbyopes”.
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Maui Jim

Phoenixville Eye Care Specialists is honored to be designated as an official Maui Jim retailer. Maui Jim is available only in offices where the opticians and optical shops meet the highest standards in the industry.
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Types of Contact Lenses

We have over 1,500 contact lenses in stock, including colored, disposable, gas-permeable, soft, extended wear, astigmatic, and bifocal lenses. Most patients can be successfully fit with contact lenses, even those who had problems or "failures" in the past.
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