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Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Clinic
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EyeSmart's Healthy Contact Lens Habits Video

EyeSmart shares eight steps to protect your sight when regularly wearing contact lenses. Includes animated video. Most contact lens wearers have at least one bad habit that puts them at risk of vision loss. Do you have one of these habits?
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How Diabetes Can Lead to Cataract & What You Can Do to Prevent it

If you have diabetes, there are two very important steps you can take to prevent or delay cataracts. From EyeSmart
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EyeSmart Shares 5 Ways To Help Prevent Diabetic Eye Diseases

If you have diabetes, you are at higher risk of developing certain eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Follow these 5 steps from EyeSmart to make sure you preserve your vision.
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