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SLT Glaucoma Laser

Dr. Jamine Shechter is proud to offer patients Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for treatment for glaucoma. It is proven to reduce or eliminate the need for topical glaucoma medications along with their side effects. It has the potential to save our patients thousands of dollars in prescription medication costs and improve compliance. It is covered by insurance.
SLT has been scientifically proven to provide the same eye pressure control as the #1 prescribed glaucoma eye drop medication. One year after SLT more than 87% of patients reduced their eye drop medication use by at least one eye drop medication per day. SLT has now been in use for over a decade.
Dr. Shechter will examine you to see if you are a candidate. The SLT machine is brought into out office. The laser energy is applied to the drainage tissue in the eye. As it heals, it results in better drainage of the fluid through the drain and out of the eye. This results in lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in anywhere from 1 to 3 months.
The laser is called “selective” because the heat energy is taken up only by selected pigment in the eye. Because of this it is quick and painless compared to older style lasers.
There is a slight risk of elevated IOP immediately after the laser. SLT usually lowers IOP by about 30%. The effect usually last from 1-5 years. If the effect wears off, the procedure can be repeated, which was not the case with older style lasers.
The laser is successful in 80 to 95% of patients depending on the type of glaucoma present.

To learn more about SLT please schedule a consultation with Dr. Shechter at 610-933-3498.

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