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Contact Lens Options for Patients Over Forty

Contact Lens Options for Patients Who Need Bifocals or Reading Glasses (Presbyopes)
Innovative new products have been developed by the contact lens industry to address the needs of those patients over the age of 40. Advances in designs, materials and manufacturing have provided many exciting options for these “presbyopes”.

Contact lens options for presbyopes fall into 3 categories as follows, depending on the visual goals of each patient:

  1. Goal: Excellent distance and near vision.

    • Option: “Distance Vision Only” contact lenses with reading glasses for near vision.
    • Advantages: 
Uncompromised distance and near vision.
Good depth perception (judging distance).

  1. Goal: Do not want glasses.

    • Option: Monovision (Dominant eye is corrected with a contact lens for distance vision.
    • Advantages: 
No need for reading glasses.
Most cost effective.
    • Disadvantages: No depth perception (judging distance).
Mature presbyopes (around age 55) may require separate glasses or trifocals for intermediate range.
Not recommended for patients with reduced vision in one eye, i.e. lazy eye.

  1. Goal: Do not want glasses.

    • Option: Bifocal contacts
    • Advantages: 
No need for reading glasses.
Good intermediate vision (computer use)
Good depth perception (judging distance)
    • Disadvantage: Cost
RGP lenses may be required for moderate astigmatism
There may be a tradeoff in distance vision for good intermediate and near vision.

Each option has a 90% success rate. Dr. Gulibon uses all 3 options equally, as the fitting is customized to each patient’s visual goals and needs. Patients may need to try different options until they find the one that gives them the best quality of vision for their lifestyle. At Phoenixville Eye Care Specialists, we make that a simple and cost-effective process!

For more information or to schedule a presbyopic contact lens fitting, please contact our office.

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